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Ascot Arana Hockey Club History

Ascot Arana Hockey Club Inc was established in 2021 (in preparation for the 2022 season), following a proposal to merge Ascot Womens Hockey Club Inc (Senior Club) and Arana Ascot Hockey Club Inc (Junior Club) to ensure the ongoing growth and success of club operations. The inaugral Annual General Meeting was held on 09 December 2021 where positions for the 2022 season were elected. 

The Panthers mascot and traditional colours of red, navy and black have been retained from Ascot and Arana Ascot. 

In 2022 the merged clubs inaugural year Ascot Arana fielded 22 teams in the BWHA competition. These teams include, Premier League 1, Premier League 2, Premier League 3, Metro League 1, Metro League 2, Downey Park 1, Downey Park 2, Downey Park 5, Masters 1 (x2), Masters 2, Junior Turf 1, Junior Turf 2, Junior Turf 3, 13 Turf 1, 13 Turf 2, Under 11A, Under 11C, Under 11D, Under 9 and Under 7 (x2).  

Our turf teams train at Burringbar Park (Chermside), with the exception of Premier League 1 which train at Easts Hockey Tiger Turf (Carina). All grass teams train at our home ground at Tramway Street, Ferny Grove.  

Below details the history of the two clubs prior to the merger. 

Ascot Womens Hockey Club History (Pre Merger)

Ascot Women's Hockey Club was established in 1959 when a group of Ascot Primary School Students, along with their President and Coach, Eileen Grealy and School Headmaster and Patron, Bob Meibusch, decided to form a club to participate in fixtures at the newly established venue at Downey Park. The girls played in their school uniform (blue tunics) and trained at Cosby Park. All members by unwritten agreement pledged themselves to keep alive the sporting spirit that had, by example of their Headmaster, guided their school activities. 

In the first season (1959) the club had three (3) teams. These teams were B Grade and 2 juniors - gaining 2nd, 4th and 5th positions. By the next year (1960) the top team was in A Reserve and took out the premierships with a 3rd in C Grade and a 2nd for the Junior team. A good start! 

In the 1980's the club changed colours to be predominately red/navy, as there were so many other clubs which wore blue. 

Over the years the club has grown to having teams in the Turf, Grass and Masters Competitions. In 2021, Ascot fielded 11 teams. Junior players come from feeder club Arana Ascot Hockey Club, which was established in 1994 by members of Ascot Women's Hockey club who recognised the importance of the ongoing development of players for the future. 

The club is proud to have players and officials that have represented Brisbane, Queensland and Australia, including current player Angie Lambert OAM who is a 3 x Olympian and Olympic Gold Medalist. 

Ascot has also been extremely fortunate to have many fantastic administrators in the club over the years and  acknowledge their massive contribution to hockey and in particular Ascot Women's Hockey Club. 

In our final year as a standalone club, Ascot Women's Hockey Club won 4 Premierships, including Premier League 1, Metro League 1, Monday Masters 3 and Downey Park 1, as well as 4 Minor Premierships, including Metro League 1, Monday Masters 3, Downey Park 1 and Downey Park 5. 

We look forward to continued success as we merge clubs with junior club Arana Ascot Hockey Club Inc to form Ascot Arana Hockey Club Inc for the 2022 season. 

Arana Ascot Hockey Club History (Pre Merger)

Arana Ascot Hockey Club was established in 1994, at our home ground at Olearia Street, Everton Hills. The club was formed when a need was identified to establish a junior club which allowed players to transition to affiliated club, Ascot Women's Hockey Club to continue and develop in senior hockey. 10 teams were entered into the BWHA competition in its inaugural year. 

During the forming years, the club was fortunate enough for the Arana Hills football club to allow use of part of their field for training purposes. A large amount of hard work and volunteer hours went into making Arana Ascot a strong club. Founding President (Kathy Proctor) did all of the ground work to set up the club and obtain the facilities for the club to use. After Kathy’s long reign as President, Mrs Bev Ragonesi became second President until 2008 when Mrs Margie Brown was elected as third President until 2014. Mr Russell Morrison was voted as the President in 2015 until 2020 when Mr Nigel Christie was elected President in 2021.

Over the years the club grew significantly and had teams registered in all age groups from Under 7s to Junior Turf in the Brisbane Women’s Hockey competition. Due to the club expanding in numbers Arana Ascot Hockey Club moved to our new home ground at Tramway Street, Ferny Grove in 2016. 

The club is proud to be part of Arana Sports.

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