Welcome to Ascot Arana Hockey Club Inc

Ascot Arana Hockey Club Inc is situated in Brisbane, Australia. We cater to all standards of hockey players aged 4 to 75 for Junior Girls, Senior Women & Masters Women hockey players. We are welcoming back and seeking new players for the 2022 season.

Ascot Arana 2022 Senior Presentation Night


Junior Trophy Day 2022

Join us on the 11th of September for our 2022 Junior Trophy Day!

Please RSVP by the 5th of September via this link: Junior Trophy Day 2022 

Trophy  Day ( 2)

Australian U16 School Girls Selection!

A huge congratulations to Georgia Harris on being selected in the Australian U16 School Girls team. Lara Pyle was also selected as a shadow player! This is exceptional news for these young ladies who have worked very hard for years! 

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Australian Junior Squad Selection 2022

Congratulations to Laney Smith & Kyra Livermore on their selection in the Australian Jillaroos Squad for 2022!

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Brisbane Blaze Squad Selection!

Congratulations to Kyra Livermore, Keeley Walker and Laney Smith in their selection for the Brisbane Blaze Extended Squad for 2022.

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Queensland U21s Bring Home Bronze

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U13 QLD Selections

Congratulations to our 4 Panthers named in the 2022 U13 Queensland team!

Ruby Price, Josie Burgess, Tamara McPeake, Emma Delaney & Miesh Elmes (Coach)

Tamara  Mc Peake

Representative Honours 2022

Australian Representatives 2022

Australian Women's Junior Indoor Squad - Ella White

Australian Jillaroos Squad - Kyra Livermore & Laney Smith

Australian U16 School Girls - Georgia Harris & Lara Pyle (Shadow)

Queensland Representatives 2022

Brisbane Blaze Squad Selection - Laney Smith, Kyra Livermore & Keeley Walker

Queensland U21 team - Laney Smith, Kyra Livermore, Keeley Walker, Ella White, Ella Brown, Liv McArthur (shadow) Sevella Agnew (shadow), Amy Ryan (Assistant Coach) 

Queensland Country team - Sara Rogers & Tinesha Carey 

Queensland U21s Indoor team 2021/22 - Claudia Dohnt 

Queensland U18 team - Georgia Harris, Sara Rogers (Coach), Amy Ryan (Assistant Coach)

Queensland U16 School Girls Team 2022 - Georgia Harris, Lara Pyle & Anastasia Long (Shadow) 

Queensland U15 Squad - Lara Pyle, Kara Bradley, Isobel McKeon, Paige Houlihan, Tara Buckley & Tinesha Carey (Assistant Coach)

Queensland U15 Team - Kara Bradley, Lara Pyle, Isobel McKeon, Paige Houlihan & Tinesha Carey (Assistant Coach)

Queensland U15 Indoor Squad 2021/22 - Kara Bradley, Cassandra White, Alexa Nyugen & Anastasia Long

Queensland U13 Indoor Squad 2021/22 - Josie Burgess, Matilda De Zilva, Emma Delaney, Tamara McPeake & Isobel McKeon (shadow)

Queensland U13 team 2022 - Ruby Price, Josie Burgess, Tamara McPeake, Emma Delaney & Miesh Elmes (Coach)

Queensland U12 School Girls Team 2022 - Amy Spall

Queensland Masters - Karen Bartley, Megan Corfield, Julie Bennett, Lyn Hill, Teresa Kuss & Diana Burton

Brisbane Representatives 2022

HQ Championship team (Brisbane) - Tiara Dutta, Ella Brown, Sevella Agnew & Liv McArthur

Masters Brisbane 1 - Karen Bartley

Masters Brisbane 2 - Julie Bennett, Megan Corfield, Monique Nacsa, Diana Burton & Erin Kill

Masters Brisbane 3 - Teresa Kuss & Jennifer Gibbons

Under 18 Brisbane 1 - Georgia Harris & Tinesha Carey (Coach)

Under 18 Brisbane 2 - Ashley Foster-McGinn & Anastasia Long

Under 18 Brisbane 3 - Bailee Jackson, Saskia Allen & Belinda Infanti

Under 18 Brisbane 4 - Sophie Pate & Adrian Pate (coach) 

Under 18 Brisbane Shadow - Eden Price

Under 15 Brisbane 1 - Kara Bradley, Lara Pyle, Paige Houlihan, Isobel McKeon & Aryel Biesleing 

Under 15 Brisbane 2 - Leela Christie, Freya Christie, Tia Jackson & Poppy Lind

Under 15 Brisbane 3 - Georgia Beal, Vanessa Infanti, Matilda De Zilva & Tara Buckley

Under 13 Brisbane 1 - Josie Burgess, Tamara McPeake, Ruby Price & Emma Delaney

Under 13 Brisbane 2 - Olivia Infanti, Alexia Sale, Amy Spall & Janene McCall (Coach)

Under 13 Brisbane 3 - Lucia Lambert, Charlie Elborne, Bianca Ryan & Angie Lambert (Coach)

Under 13 Brisbane 4 - Kaylee Cheales & Mikaela McDonald 

U13 Brisbane Shadow - Ebony Thomson & Ava Russell

Under 11 Brisbane 1 - Ella Balmforth, Trinity Drake & Ivy Kelly

Under 11 Brisbane 2 - Madeline Shields, Lorelei Pawsey & Sophie Pate (Coach)

Under 11 Brisbane 3 - Ayva Crooks, Mina Gatley, Estelle Foran, Isla O‚ÄôLeary & Kate Crooks (Coach) 

Under 11 Brisbane 4 - Hannah McDonald 

Metropolitan Teams 2022

Met East U19 - Lara Pyle

Met North U19 - Anastasia Long, Kara Bradley, Georgia Harris, Paige Houlihan & Ashley Foster-McGinn (shadow)   

Met North U12 - Olivia Infanti, Alexia Sale, Amy Spall & Mikaela McDonald 

Premier League 1 Grand Final 2021

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