Welcome to Ascot Arana Hockey Club Inc

Ascot Arana Hockey Club Inc is situated in Brisbane, Australia. We cater to all standards of hockey players aged 4 to 75 for Junior Girls, Senior Women & Masters Women hockey players. We are welcoming back and seeking new players for the 2024 season.

U14 Representative Players!

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Jillaroos Squad 2024

Congratulations to Kyra Livermore who has been selected in the Jillaroos Squad for 2024.
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QLD U16 Team 2024

Ascot Arana is super proud to have 9 field players and 3 coaches selected in the U16 QLD teams for 2024.
Well done to all involved!
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BWHA Trial Dates 2024

AgeTrial 1Trial 2Trial 3Nominations close
U12Sun 26th MaySun 2nd JuneSun 9th JuneWed 15th May at 12pm
U14Sun 14th AprSun 21st AprSun 5th MayWed 3rd Apr at 12pm
U16Sun 14th JulSun 21st JulSun 28th JulWed 10th Jul at 12pm
U18Sun 11th FebMon 19th FebSun 3rd MarWed 31st Jan at 12pm
MastersSun 11th FebSun 18th FebSun 26th MarWed 31st Jan at 12pm
HQ ChampsSun 24th MarN/AN/AWed 13th Mar at 12pm
Register here - Player Representative Nominations - Brisbane Women's Hockey Association (bwha.com.au)      

Representative Honours 2024

Australian Representatives 2024

Australian Jillaroos squad 2024 - Kyra Livermore
National Future Squad - Kara Bradley, Georgia Harris & Eliza Berrick

Queensland Representatives 2024
Brisbane Blaze Squad - Kyra Livermore, Keeley Walker, Ashleigh Ensbey & Madeleine Smith
Queensland U21 Team - Kyra Livermore, Demi Walker, Kara Bradley (Shadow) & Georgia Harris (Shadow)
Queensland U21 Squad - Kara Bradley, Georgia Harris, Kyra Livermore, Liv McArthu, Breah Fischer & Demi Walker
Queensland U18 Team - Kara Bradley, Georgia Harris, Caitlyn Halliday, Ayrel Bisseling (shadow), Tia Jackson (shadow), Amelia Smith (shadow) & Amy Ryan (Coiach)
Queensland U16 Squad - Aryel Bisseling, Josie Burgess, Matilda De Zilva, Ruby Price, Tamara McPeake, Leela Christie, Monique Doyle, Rhianna Newman & Caitlyn Halliday
Queensland U16 Team - Aryel Bisseling, Josie Burgess, Poppy Lind, Ruby Price, Tamara McPeake, Leela Christie, Monique Doyle, Rhianna Newman, Caitlyn Halliday & Matilda De Zilva (shadow)
Queensland U15 Indoor Team - Rhianna Newman, Aryel Bisseling, Josie Burgess, Tamara McPeake, Caitlin Halliday & Isobel McKeon
Queensland U14 Team - Amy Spall (shadow)
Queensland U13 Indoor Team - Amy Spall

Brisbane Representatives 2024
Masters Brisbane 1 - Karen Bartley & Kathryn Austen
Masters Brisbane 2 - Erin Kill, Kate Crooks, Diana Burton, Monique Nacsa & Janene McCall (Coach) 
Masters Brisbane 3 - Julie Bennett, Teresa Kuss & Emily Oakes
Masters Brisbane 4 - Carolyn Martin, Sally Glasson, Susan Rogers & Kathy Mason
Masters Brisbane 5 - Penny Mcshane & Anna Mehonoshen (Coach)
Masters Brisbane 6 - Christy Prosper & Kate Smith
Masters Brisbane 7 - Sue Turner
HQ Championships - Tiara Dutta & Madeleine Smith
Under 18 Brisbane 1 - Georgia Harris, Kara Bradley, Tia Jackson & Tinesha Carey (Coach)
Under 18 Brisbane 2 - Freya Christie, Olivia-Beau Cutler & Adriana Silcock (Coach)
Under 18 Brisbane 3 - Eden Price & Savannah Somerfield
Under 18 Brisbane 4 - Belinda Infanti 
Under 14 Brisbane 1 - Olivia Infanti, Alexia Sale & Amy Spall
Under 14 Brisbane 2 - Elodie Leach, Roision Robinson, Trinity Drake & Caitlain Burton (Coach)
Under 14 Brisbane 3 - Mina Gatley, Ella Balmforth, Darcey Cutler, Molly Searle & Sophie Pate (Coach)
Under 14 Brisbane 4 - Tiarni Bittosi, Laney Burgess, Zoe Chanson, Mikaela McDonald, Isla O'Leary & Maddie Shields
Under 14 Brisbane 5 - Estelle Foran
Under 14 Brisbane Shadow - Lily Skelson
Under 12 Brisbane 1 - Gretel Baldwin, Abbey Macpherson, Hannah Rackley & Kate Smith (Coach)
Under 12 Brisbane 2 - Eva Beard, Eve McMahon & Ada Ryall
Under 12 Brisbane 3 - Maddie Searle & Imogen Warne
Under 12 Brisbane Shadow - Matilda Standley & Chloe Skelson

School Representatives 2024
Queensland U19 Merit Team - Kara Bradley & Aryel Bisseling
Queensland U15 Team - Josie Burgess & Ruby Price
Metropolitan North U19 Team - Kara Bradley, Tia Jackson, Jordan Halliday, Leela Christie, Freya Christie, Belinda Infanti, Matilda De Zilva, Madilyn Standley (shadow), Savannah Somerfield (shadow).
Metropolitan East U19 Team - Poppy Lind & Ayrel Bisseling
Metropolitan West U19 Team - Monique Doyle
Metropolitan North U15 Team - Amy Spall, Olivia Infanti, Grace Burgess, Bianca Ryan, Ruby Price, Ebony Thomson, Alexia Sale (shadow), Chelsea Lewis (shadow)
Metropolitan East U15 Team - Josie Burgess, Lucia Lambert & Angie Lambert (Coach)
Metropolitan West U15 Team - Tamara McPeake 
Metropolitan North U12 Team - Gretel Baldwin, Hannah Rackley, Eve McMahon (shadow) & Imogen Warne (shadow)

2022 & 2023 Senior Club Of The Year!

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