Junior Turf Information 2024

Ascot Arana Hockey Club are anticipating to field the following junior turf teams into the BWHA competition in 2024: Junior turf 1, Junior turf 2, Junior turf 3, Under 14 turf 1, Under 14 turf 2 & Under 12 turf

We are welcoming new players to the club.

Turf training is at Burringbar Park, Chermside. Turf training will commence on Wednesday January 10th and trials will be held late January.

Turf training 2024

Junior Turf 1 WednesdayBurringbar Park, Chermside
Junior Turf 2 Wednesday Burringbar Park, Chermside
Junior Turf 3 Wednesday Burringbar Park, Chermside
U14 Turf 1 Wednesday Burringbar Park, Chermside 
U14 Turf 2Wednesday Burringbar Park, Chermside

JT2 Premiers, 13T2 Premiers & 13T1 Runners Up 2023

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13T1 & JT2 Minor Premiers & Premiers 2022

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Why do we have trials?

Why do we have trials?

  • Club Growth - Our club has grown significantly over the past few years and is predicted to grow even further in the years to come. For Juniors we are now fielding more than one team in most divisions.

By running a fair and transparent trial and selection process, we ensure all players have the chance to make a team that matches their ability.

  •  Competing at right level - By selecting players of similar ability in the same teams, we are ensuring our teams are competing at a level in which all players are capable.
  • Training and Coaching - Our coaches will find planning and running training sessions much smoother if all players are at a similar ability level.
  • Attracting talent to club - Clubs with correctly graded teams tend to perform better, which plays a part in attracting future players

Selectors and coaches will be evaluating each player based on merit under four distinct areas –

Technique, Tactics, Speed and Attitude.

What will help me / my child at the trials? 

  • Be physically and mentally prepared for the trials; good sleep the night prior, good food and plenty of fluids.
  • Bring all the necessary equipment i.e. shin pads, drink bottle, stick, mouthguard;  arrive at least 15 minutes early.
  • Bring a never give up attitude; be positive and have fun.
  • Encourage your child to use their voice during drills and games to encourage other team members in a positive way; and let team members know where they are on the field -enabling strong team work. This also applies to our Senior players, acknowledging the importance of team work and positional play.
  • In particular for our Juniors, (and not for trial day - encourage your child and educate them on how to be attentive. The coaches only have them for 1.5hours of training each week - listen to the coach and ask appropriate questions, pay attention to what the coach asks, and try to be the best you can be.  As coaches we all love kids who listen and try to the best of their ability.

Like any competitive sport, hockey is more enjoyable if you are playing alongside and against players of similar ability. We conduct trials to have the best teams for the different levels within the turf /grass competition. As such there are no guarantees for individuals that they will be selected in the same grade as in previous years. We believe this to be fair for both existing and new members. As per previous years there will be external selectors on a panel to select the teams for 2023.

Lastly, if you or your child fails to make the team they were hoping for, please manage your / their  disappointment and not become angry. Ask the coaches for feedback, ask what areas you / your child could improve in.

 *Note: the one exception to our trials process is our Masters teams; who are collated based on a mix of ability and friendship groups.


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